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TedBy Ted Roger - 5th April 2014


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The popularity of woodworking and therefore woodworking plans, has risen astronomically over the past few years with thousands of people now taking up the tools to build their own beautiful pieces of wooden furniture. People who have more advanced handicraft skills can even create their own bespoke items

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The growing universal appeal of woodworking is creating a demand for woodworking plans which in turn means you will have plenty of options to choose from, but this also means you will need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. While anybody can pick up the saw and the plane, some people have more natural ability in the manual arts than others and as such, you will need to choose plans which will balance with your level of craftsmanship.

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To start with you are going to need quality detailed woodwork plans, these can be from a variety of sources, but with everything now available on the internet and with video support also rising in popularity, it would seem the web
is a good place to start your quest.

When choosing the ideal woodworking designs you need to take a few things into consideration, the detail that the plans go into, whether or not diagrams are included which show you how to fit pieces of wood together to build your furniture, the type and style of the raw materials and how to source these and tools required for the project. More advanced plans may even publish 3-D diagrams or run through the whole building process via simple to follow videos.

Noah's Ark

Image: Not for beginners!

If this is to be your first attempt at constructing something from wood, you will be best served with simple, reliable, detailed plans, ideally with a support network in place from the vendor, so that you can smooth out any splinters you may come across when you are building that table, chair, bed or set of shelves.

In keeping with a beginner's mentality, you should choose a fairly small project to start with, to sharpen your skills and build your confidence. You do not want to attempt the Noah's Ark of woodworking, because the chances are you will take on too much and the hobby will quickly lose its appeal if you are not enjoying it. Think small and simple, with the plan to build bigger in the future.

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You should look upon your first woodworking project as a bit of fun, build something you do not really need in the comfort of your own garage or workshop, that way if it all goes wrong, your other half will not be screaming at you to finish the 'new' dining room table or spice rack. Grow it as a hobby, so that when you get good after a few successful woodworking projects, you can then move on and build items that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you would have had to spend if you bought them in a store.

As you progress into your woodworking hobby/career, you will get a feel for the projects which suit you best and which you garner the most satisfaction from building.

Wooden cityscape

Image: James McNabb

You will also hone the skills needed to finish that left on the shelf project that didn't really work the first time round or you will have an understanding to dismantle it, write off the project and recycle that wood into your new project.

Once you have the blueprints for bed, bench or table plans, you'll be well on your way to filling your home. If you want to take a look at what you can truly achieve with woodworking skills, you should check out our astonishing woodcraft creations for true inspiration

So you see, woodworking plans will help you plan your projects and save time, money and effort by placing you on the correct path from the beginning.

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